What is „The academy of babies“? It is located in the exclusive SoHo loft and adapted for infants and young children. Here you can discover the best early childhood education programs (from birth to seven) in Vilnius,  take a break and play in the games and sports room for children (up to 3.5 years), rent this space for birthdays, buy quality education tools for the younger kids and just take a break from the daily routine – drink some coffee or work out at our unique choreography/sports hall. Not sure where to start?  Call us we will consult you +37067633321. In baby’s academy, an infrastructure for children, you will find all proposed services for young children and their mothers: musical, artistic, physical education, sport for mothers with their babies and other valuable and beneficial activities.


You won’t have to care about the environment that gets in the way at home. Your baby will be greatfull for every moment spent in “ The academy of babies“. You’ll see. After all, constructive and comprehensive knowledge of living is a huge contribution to the future of the child. He is born to learn. No one is more hungry for knowledge or active than a little child. He has the potencial of genius and he is using his time to learn in a hurry. The parent task is to develop child’s natural love for knowledge.


EniBeni.lt – e-shop of academy


In our e-shop EniBeni.lt you will find high-quality educational tools for your kids – our publishing reading cards, material for the educational program of mathematics, especially young readers book – a true miracle, high – quality music instruments for the toddlers and other goodies. And also – with the help of EniBeni.lt, you can pay the academy accounts without leaving home. You Are Welcome!